Topic: Add parent folder name to filename

Q:  Hello, i want to remove the file name
      and add the name of the parent folders
      following by an counter, reseted by each new folder, if this is possible.

C:\Work\Project\Jan\list.txt         ==> Work_Project_Jan_001.txt
C:\Work\Project\Jan\report.txt    ==> Work_Project_Jan_002.txt

C:\Work\Project\Feb\list.txt         ==> Work_Project_Feb_001.txt
C:\Work\Project\Feb\report.txt    ==> Work_Project_Feb_002.txt

A:   That's easy.
1)   load your main folder "Work"   with "Choose Current Dir"
2)   load all sub-directories             with Ctrl+F5 "Load sub dirs"
3)   use an Expression like:            %p3_%p2_%p1_%np{ 3, 1, 1 }

%p : a parent directory, a digit can indicate the level     [%p1  is parent folder "Jan",    %p2 is grand-parent folder "Project",      %p3 is "Work"]
%np : the selection number relative to the file path
%np could be modified by { p, s, i }
p : size, f.ex 3 => 000,   5=> 00000
s : start
i : step


Press "F1" in Siren  for more help. (Help is search-able by pressing "Ctrl+F")

Siren Help wrote:

%p   : a parent directory
          a digit can indicate the level
   %pa  : the absolute path to the file (ending with a '\')
   %pr  : the relative path to the file (ending with a '\')
   %P   : Siren's current path
   For example, for "C:\IMAGE\SPORT\2006\IMG001.jpg"
          %p   gives "2006"
          %p2  gives "SPORT"
          %p3  gives "IMAGE"
          In non recursive mode:
          %pa  gives "C:\IMAGE\SPORT\2006\"
          %pr  gives "" (empty string)
          %P   gives "C:\IMAGE\SPORT\2006\"
          In recursive mode, if Siren's current directory
          is "C:\IMAGE":
          %pa  gives "C:\IMAGE\SPORT\2006\"
          %pr  gives "SPORT\2006\"
          %P   gives "C:\IMAGE\"

Siren Help wrote:

%n   : the selection number
   %np  : the selection number relative to the file path
          for example:
          File               %n        %np
          \Dir1\Img1.jpg     001       001
          \Dir1\Img2.jpg     002       002
          \Dir2\Img3.jpg     003       001
          \Dir2\Img4.jpg     004       002
   %nc  : the selection number relative to a name "collision"
          (same beginnings)
          the expression part following "%nc" is not taken into
          for example, with the expression: %dmd_%nc.%e
          File           Modif date     Result
          Image1.jpg     01/01/2004     20040101_001.jpg
          Image2.jpg     12/12/2004     20041212_001.jpg
          Image3.jpg     01/01/2004     20040101_002.jpg
          Image4.jpg     12/12/2004     20041212_002.jpg
          Image5.jpg     12/12/2004     20041212_003.jpg

The parameters of some "number" variables can be defined in
"Options" ("Numbers" sub-menu). They can be specified too direclty
in the expression inside a "{}" modifier (braces) that postfixes
the variable name.

For the selection numbers: %n, %np, %nc, %ncs, %ncf and %ncfs
the usage is: "{ p, s, i }"
    p : size
    s : start
    i : step

There's much more in Siren Help...