Topic: New to app, need batch functions


this is an awesome app if I can control it!

Here's what I need it to do:

I need to be able to select a directory: Element

I need to be able to make a copy of that directory, then rename it: Element_Blah

I need to search for all the files inside that directory, then add a suffix without destroying the ext:

Also, is there a way to do all these things inside your gui ( not via command line )

thanks for such a great app!!

Re: New to app, need batch functions

Hello and welcome,

If I understand your need you want to copy with a different name all the files from a directory.

For example:


You can do this this way:
- Go into the directory you want to copy
- Switch to "recursive mode": click on the "directory tree button" or File/Load sub directories
- Select all files (Ctrl+A or Select/All)
- Enter the following expression: %P(1,-1)_blah\\
- Press Enter and check the "Future name"s
- Click on the "Copy" button (>> or Action/Copy)

About the expression: %P(1,-1)_blah\\

%P: will return the current directory with a "\" added to it
(1,-1): will remove this last "\" so we'll be able to change the "source" directory name
\\: as for Siren "\" is a special character, it has to be doubled
%fc: will return the displayed name. In our case the name with its relative path

Hope this will help