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Is it possible to change the command so instead of 001 002 etc at the end of a filename, you get A B etc?  Thanks very much for any help.

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I mainly see two different solutions to this problem.

1) Chain replacement modifiers
The idea is here to replace the selection number with the character sequence you expect.

For example, with an expression like:

2) Text file lines
The %T variable is quite powerful and allows to extract the "selection number"th line of a text file.

For example, if you create the text file: c:\sr_num.txt containing the lines:

The expression: File_%T{"c:\\sr_num.txt"}.%e
should do the trick. (Note that the double '\' is not a typo)
Of course the text file will need to have as much lines as the number of files you want to rename.

You can also do "trickier" by using the array extraction modifier.
That way, you can use different numbering patterns. For example if the text file contains:
A - a - I - one
B - b - II - two
C - c - III - three
D - d - IV - four
E - e - V - five
F - f - VI - six
G - g - VII - seven
H - h - VIII - eight
I - i - IX - nine
J - j - X - ten

You can use the following expression:
File_%T{"c:\\sr_num.txt"}[1].%e  : to get uppercase letters
File_%T{"c:\\sr_num.txt"}[2].%e  : to get lowercase letters
File_%T{"c:\\sr_num.txt"}[3].%e  : to get roman numerals
File_%T{"c:\\sr_num.txt"}[4].%e  : to get text numbering

Hoping this will help.

Re: Change sequence number to letter

Thanks, Remi.  That works like a charm.  My client will be very happy.