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Topic: Siren renamer scripting - rename files with your favorite text editor

Siren renamer has no scripting support build-in.

But he has something even better:
use your favorite text editor (or even Word with VBA)
where you are familiar with scripting for your advanced modification needs!

Here is an quick how to for you:

1.) launch Siren with the files you want to rename (Or open Siren and browse for an folder)

2a.) use "Edit > Copy the selection > Current names" to copy the whole file name to the clipboard
2b.) if you want to just edit the "base name" without the extension, do this simple steps:
       -- in the Expression field write  %b  *1
       -- now you get as Future name the file name without the extension
       -- click the column header with right mouse button and choose "Copy selected files data" to the clipboard

            *1 ( or "%p_%f"            for   ParentFolder_FileName,
                   or "%pa_%b_%e"  for   FullPath_FileName_Extension,
                   or..., or..., or....,      just  right click the expression field ;-)   )

3a.) use an text editor with scripting support (e.g. PSPad, Boxer, EmEditor, (HippoEDIT), UltraEdit)
       or Word and his VBA scripting, and use that scripting feature to modify your names,
       or use simple rectangular selecting, or zero-width selecting to change parts of your file.
       Or save the exported file names to an temp file and let an script (e.g. VBScript, JScript, AutoHotkey, AutoIt)
       or command line tool like SED (i),AWK (i) or SFK (i) run against it.
       Warning: don't add or remove lines, or your files get messed up if you confirm the preview!

4.) Once you are finished, copy the modified names to the clipboard again.

5.) back in Siren use the expression %C to insert the clipboard line-by-line
       Use %C.%e to add an dot and with %e the original extension of the file.

Now watch the preview in the Future name column, and if all went fine do the renaming.

Here is an picture how this could look:


placeholder, later more...

HTH?  big_smile