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I am very new to Siren and am testing beta 300.b1.855 since yesterday. I find it great and am in fact able to achieve what I wanted.

It may be that the following is already possible, but I only do not know how. Although, I do not think so, because it is not about the file renaming, but about the file time stamp manipulation...

I am using Siren to rename and copy Jpg-Files into new directories, based on Exif data. I am not simply moving and renaming files, but copying and renaming files, as I want to be sure that everything is as expected on destination, before I delete the originals.

Since files are - technically - created on destination, their "Created time stamp" bears the time of this operation. I would however very much like their "Created time stamp" to stay the same as that of the original file (i.e. that directly after the copy process the created time stamp be manipulated by Sirene, either by writing the original "Created time stamp", or "Modified time stamp", all as options).

Maybe this would be possible to add, as an option.

Thank you for considering and thank you for your marvellous program!

Re: Created date from modified date

Hello and Welcome !

I'll try to add this feature in a next build.

Thanks for your suggestion and your support.


Re: Created date from modified date

The modification has been added in the last build (881).
You can activate it through a new preference in "Preferences/General".

Re: Created date from modified date

Thank you very much! I have tested it and it seems to work perfectly.

(I have another wish/question, but will use another thread.)