Topic: Name collision in recursive folders

I have tried out a number of free renaming programmes, but so far Siren is the most flexible.  It can almost do exactly what I want it to, but possibly a little tweak might just make it perfect!
I have a large number of digital photographs, split over a range of folders, that need renaming.  I want to make sure that they all have a unique filename based upon the date regardless of which folder they are in.

So far I have come up with the following suggestion:
this will give me a unique number (all prefixed by DIG), as long as there are not more than 1000 photographs taken on one day.  However, what I really liked about your programme was the %nc function that begins the counter at 1 again when the rest of the filename is unique.  However, in its current design it takes the whole path of the file as the unique aspect of the filename.  So if two files are in different folders then the counter begins again at 001, even if they were taken on the same date

In the case above, if I was to rearrange the photographs in different folders then it is possible that there would be resulting conflict between the different incarnations of DIG060906001 and DIG060502001.  What would be good is that if the folders are recursed then the %nc function was able to detect this and compare only the unique part of the file name and not the path to the file, so resulting in the following file naming pattern:

I hope this makes sense.  No idea how easy this would be to implement, but it would guarantee that all file names named in such fashion were completely unique, regardless of where they were in the folder hierarchy.



Re: Name collision in recursive folders

I don't think that changing "%nc" and "%ncs" behaviours would be a good idea.
I understand your needs but the way they currently work seems more useful to a standard utilization.

Maybe could it be possible to add two more variables to handle the case.
I'll think to it for the next version.

Thanks for your suggestion.