Topic: math on siren?

Great program

Is there a way to use mathematical operators like addition?

I want to rename

t00.tif --> t24.tif
t01.tif --> t25.tif
t02.tif --> t26.tif
t03.tif --> t27.tif

Is there a way to do that with Siren?


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Re: math on siren?

Hello Tom, welcome.

It is always an good idea to provide real file names as examples!

Because for your "t01" example
you can just drop the old file name
and build an new one by inserting "t" and
then add an new numbering starting at "24":

Expression: t%n{2,24,1}.tif

"t" is just an literal char "t".
"%n" is an counter in the order the files are selected.
The parameter  {2,24,1} stands for {padding width, start at, step width}

Here are more explanations >

Re: math on siren?


Another solution can be to use the %N variable with its specific modifier.

For example the following expression should be ok :

%N{2,24} will extract the first number from the base name, pad it to 2 digits and add 24 to it.


Re: math on siren?

I was using version 1.8, now I have the new version and I use addition to numbers.
Again, great program!